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Auto Repair Shop and Local Mechanics in Clovis, California

Our professionals at Gateway Automotive are proud to offer clients with the most excellent options in the automotive repair services. As your chosen local mechanic we provide all of our customers with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Whether your check engine light has come on and you are in need of computer diagnostics or your brakes have begun to grind and vibrate, we can assist you. With our years of experience, we are proud to offer you with the best results on your automotive repair needs.

Allow our team of professionals to equip you with radiator and transmission repair services. If you are experiencing issues such as grinding or difficulty when switching gears, you may be in need of immediate transmission repairs. Other services we offer include radiator services; often when clients are experiencing poor temperature controls and overheating, they are in need of radiator repair. Call us today at (559) 795-3762 to learn more about our timing belts, rear differential, and electrical repair services.

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